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How Tumblr is changing the PR industry

Well the original title from the Read Write Web is “How Tumblr is changing journalism”. But it doesn’t really matters. I think content curation activites, and related tools for that, already has, or for sure will change, the way we share stories with each other, as information junkies, as journalists. as PR communicators, as people. [...]

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Mark won’t organize the entire web – the crowd will

Nielsen just released their Social Media Report Q3 2011. The social media’s popularity continues to grow rapidly from an US perspective, connecting people with just about everything they watch and buy. And the Americans spend more time on Facebook than they do on any other U.S. website! Scary? Take it easy, Mark won’t organize the [...]

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First radio reporter using iPhone as primary field recorder

Journalism has truly turned up side down. And I think that’s just great. I just ran into a few great examples of that: How One Radio Reporter Ditched His Equipment for an iPhone 4 Journalists on Facebook Page Launched My interview with Nick Wrenn from CNN International, about The Future of Journalism, at Social Media [...]

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Communication a huge and confusing melting pot

Everybody in communication business talks about it everywhere! The new and ever-changing communication landscape has turned the media industry on its head. The confusion is now complete. Much of what we have learned and become accustomed to is no longer valid. This applies particularly to media, journalism, public relations, marketing, and sales. The professionals within [...]

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