Check out President Obama’s first Google+ hangout

Only a few weeks ago the White House joined Google+. As I write this post, President Barack Obama is hosting a Google+ Hangout from the West Wing of the WhiteHouse, “as the first all-digital interview from the White House” (Mashable).

This is a truly historical moment. Or like Alex Howard at O’Reilly Radar wrote. “We’re suddenly very close to science fiction becoming reality television, live streamed to large and small screens around the world.”But it was not one of these everyday hangouts with closest friends and families.  “More than 225,000 people submitted or voted on questions, and six of those participants were invited to join the live conversation with Obama.”, wrote Alex Fitzpatrick at Mashable.

But no turmoil, what I could see. Quite the opposite; brilliant chat between Obama and all these lucky six attendees.I think this was a huge step for the mankind, a huge step for the White House, but a small step for Google.

To be continued.

For you guys who’s not familiar with Google+ and/or hangouts – check this short demo out.

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